Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Avon Catalog October.

Avon September Catalog 2012 is online with a celebration news.
Avon has been accepted number one cosmetic brand in the report of Euromonitor which is covering all cosmetic sector.
This new is on the cover and first pages of Avon Catalog October.

Ingredients of Avon Catalog October

With this great event new discounts has been applied on some products.
The highlights of catalog is again parfumes with beautiful smells.
Probably the most interesting one is City Rush Men Parfume with %40 take off on page 9 and beside this a men watch is promotion with this product.
We remind you that this product in Avo Catalog October can be a gift from wife for husbands with this chance.

Another campaign is about Far Away and Perceive, best selling parfumes of Avon.
If you buy one of these parfumes another parfume of that brand is for 1$.
For two product users, this is a nice oppurtunity.

It is possible to find similar campaigns and to buy many products for half price of them.

Avon August

Avon August Catalog is onlin with surprising chances.
With a total number of 200 products make you happier than this.
Clicking on the cataog, you can browse all these products.

Since the summer is ending, Avon Catalog make a success in getting back our lost energies.
It is a chance to browse all these beautiful unique products on Avon Catalog August.
200 products are discounted under 20 different categories of Avon.
We can see that Avon has placed the parfumes with light aroma, in last year August Catalog.
Produce of be kissable, which is one of the most famous product of Avon, is expected to be back in August.
Full Speed and Essance which were produced special for men in August will be in campaign with a 50% take off.
This parfume with an permanent smell is gettin attraction of ladies.
The most used parfume of Avon Full Speed' smell of citrus and the bottom of a slight scent of woody have never been discovered by any other parfume brand.
The parfume with a tang and harmonic scent is also interesting with its bottle, an orange glass and dark grey plastic cover on it, and this product may be a gift
from you to your lovers. A beautiful gift.

The Products on Avon August Catalog

-Persistent Summer Waf
-moisturizers and care creams
-eye and night creams
-Masks to protect the skin from sun and protector.
-Sunglasses and towels.
-Nail care products (clippers, lacquer, moisturizers, general care creams)
-Hair care products (dry protector, shampoos and creams)
-Neckless and jewelries
-Practical tools that can make your life easier

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Age retardant creams

You can use this retardant creams to remove the wrinkles around your lips.
Of course these products needs patient to work.
Don't forget to buy brands which has safety warranty.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Personal Care

Personal Care: Avon you not only beautiful to look around in a very special offers products to take care of yourself out. These products, bath and spa products, deodorant & Rool-on, body care products, child care products, male grooming products and categories of child care products continues to provide clients with the highest quality service.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Avon Folheto

Trust, respect, belief, humility and integrity. These are the values ​​adopted by Avon to satisfy their consumers, Resellers and employees.
Concerns about the beauty - including inner beauty - family, self-esteem and life's challenges, drew the profile of women of the new millennium. The philosophy of empowering women, which is present in the company since its early years, is still followed faithfully. Today, Avon is the company that has more women in Avon executivos.As Dealers come from all walks of life, worldwide. The reasons why became Resellers are very different, but they all have a clear goal: to find a way to progress personally and benefit from an incredible profit potential. You can be your own boss and set your own schedule - with Avon, The Company for Women, you can have it all!